NOTICE: The United States District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma is upgraded its current CM/ECF system to the Next Generation of CM/ECF (NextGen CM/ECF) on Monday, August 3, 2020.

If you are admitted to the Western District of Oklahoma but NOT yet an e-filer, register for e-filer privileges in PACER.

Current E-filers MUST do the following in order to file electronically in this Court on or after August 3, 2020:

  1. Obtain your own individual PACER account or upgrade your existing individual PACER account.  Existing “Legacy” PACER accounts (accounts issued prior to August 11, 2014) must be upgraded.
  2. CJA Attorneys will only need one PACER account for filing and viewing in CM/ECF NextGen.  If you have a separate exempt CJA account now, those exempt privileges will be added to your individual upgraded PACER account and your current exempt account will be canceled.  Click here for instructions on requesting the CJA fee exemption.  NOTE:  Because your upgraded CJA PACER account will have a different log-in name, we suggest that you wait until the live date is only a few days away before you upgrade your account (between July 30-August 2).
  3. Know your current CM/ECF Log-in and Password.  Make sure you know your CM/ECF log-in and password before the court upgrades to NextGen.  If your log-in information is stored in the browser, it will be lost and not recoverable.  If you do not know your log-in or password, contact the court for a reset at 405-609-5555.
  4. Link your upgraded PACER account to your CM/ECF account.  NOTEYou will NOT be able to file in NextGen until your ECF account is linked to your upgraded individual PACER account.  Click here to view the step-by-step instructions you will perform on or after August 3, 2020 to link a CM/ECF account to an upgraded PACER account.

Maintaining Your Account All account information, other than secondary email addresses, is held in your PACER account.  It is your responsibility to keep account information up to date.  Click the Maintaining Your Account link for more information.